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Services to be provided by IMF  Recharged Rates
Gemini 500 SEM $30.07 per hour
Talos F200C G2 TEM $40 per peak hour, $20, per non-peak hour
FEI Quanta 200 SEM $25.05 per hour
X-Ray diffractometer, Powder $15.00 per hour
Sputter Coater $12.00 per run
HR Sputter Coater $12.00 per run
Carbon Coater $10.00 per run
Critical Point Drier $17.67 per hour









*Rates were approved for implementation beginning July 1, 2020

Peak hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, non-holidays

Non-peak hours are before 8am, after 6pm, weekends, and holidays